Are You Ready for Coachella?

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Are You Ready for Coachella?

In 1993, Pearl Jam decided to take a stand against the monopoly of TicketMaster and put on a show at the Empire Polo Club in Indio California. It was here that the idea was born and co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen to use this venue for a music and arts festival that would be accessible to those emerging in their genres and give a presence to names otherwise unheard. Organized by Goldenvoice, they put together their first, two-day Coachella event in October 1999, featuring singers, songwriters and DJs from multiple genres and artists with large scale installations and sculptures along with a variety of painters. The festival was a success even though it came on the heels of Woodstock ‘99!

They were unable to host Coachella in 2000, but since 2001 the event has been a sold-out, inaugural festival increasing in time and size to accommodate all of the artists and fans. As of 2007, it became a three-day event and in 2012, they began offering the event twice in April on consecutive weekends with the same line-up. To truly embrace the festival vibe, they enhanced amenities, safety precautions, lighting and built highway access to provide camping as of 2003.

The popularity has grown to allow Coachella to feature both mainstream artists and new comers in rock, pop, electronic dance and DJ, hip hop and indie. Art work is now prolific and large scale with an unparalleled opportunity for mass exposure. Through dedication to the dream, Coachella is now one of the largest and most profitable music festivals of the day, and it continues to surpass its numbers and gross revenue each year. Due to this success, Goldenvoice has been able to launch two more music festivals each year in the same venue, Desert Tip for rock music and Stagecoach for country music.

If you’ve bought your ticket and packed your bags for this year’s festival on April 12 – 14 or 19 – 21, you have committed to a life changing experience and a cause that has many layers. Not only will you be supporting numerous artists to fulfill their dreams, you will also be contributing to the environmental impact that Coachella has incorporated into their festival. They are determined to manage the event’s carbon footprint with the assistance of Global Inheritance.

Be sure to get your blue, compostable waste bags and sort your bottles, plastics, cans and cartons each day and set them in front of your camping grounds before 2 pm to be collected. You can also take your bags over to the Global Inheritance booth on Sunday between 9 and 2 for a chance to win a prize. You will find recycling and compost bins all around to keep things sorted while you’re out and about, and be sure to thank the Coachella Waste Gang as well. They will be all over the festival grounds assisting in waste pick-up and recycling efforts. You can even join the team next year!

Save a little money while protecting the environment and get the chance to win a VIP Coachella pass for life by entering the Carpoolchella program. That coveted VIP prize is for everyone in the car, not just the driver! You can also win guest backstage passes, VIP upgrades, Outstanding in the Field Dinner, $50 bucks worth of merch, Ferris Wheel vouchers or $20 dollars in food vouchers. All you need to do is recruit four or more friends to ride along with you and deck out your ride with a Carpoolchella design to be spotted by our prize drawing personnel.

You can save a bit more cash by joining the recycling and clean-up efforts and taking bottles and cans to the recycling store. For every 10, you get fresh water, or you can save up to win bigger and better prizes.

If you love art and the planet, you can join in the contest for designing the most creative recycling bins and if selected win free festival passes! And finally, you channel your inner Benjamin Franklin and generate the volts you need to charge up by working out and having fun at the Energy Playground.

If you weren’t in the festival mood before this article, we’re hoping you are now, so let’s get you all packed. Be sure to check their rules page for the long list of items not allowed in the venue as there are some things you may not think about such as no umbrellas but parasols are permitted and no glass, metal or aluminum refillable water bottles but plastic is allowed. We’re not sure why that is, but we do recommend you grab your Nalgene and keep it full. Dehydration is the number one danger at an outdoor festival, and you will be spending a lot of time in the California sun. To avoid fainting, dizziness, headaches, accelerated breathing and heartrate, energy depletion and irritability, we strongly recommend fortified water with sodium, potassium, magnesium and assorted vitamins. Throw a container of Terra Origin Electrolyte Powder in cherry or berry to keep your energy and hydration up all weekend long.

Be sure to pack a day bag that is no larger than 20″ x 15″ x 9″ when fully loaded and throw in your GoPro or point and shoot camera, a portable phone charger fully juiced, some serious sunscreen for your face and your body, a flash drive for saving your photos and swapping with others, tons of quick and easy snacks like a baggy of Terra Origin Healthy Plant Protein powder to quickly mix up with water, a hat or bandana, super comfy and durable walking shoes or sandals, your super cool sunglasses and a packable raincoat.

If you’re camping, grab the basics and don’t forget some creature comforts like ear plugs, a decked out pop-up sun tent for evening chill space, sink into camp chairs after a long day on your feet, lanterns, insect repellent and some relaxing entertainment like a deck of cards, your e-reader, Twister and anything else that makes down time memorable!