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What’s Our Deal with Bone Broth?

For those of you who have followed Terra Origin for some time, you are quite familiar with our chocolate and vanilla Bone Broth Collagen Protein powder. If you are just joining us, maybe you haven’t discovered the amazing benefits, taste and convenience of this daily supplement. Not to worry. We want to take a moment to shed a little light on the truths and myths behind the bone broth phenomena and to explain why we have just launched a new formulation with exciting new flavors like Strawberry Banana and Coffee as well as an Unflavored enhanced with Turmeric. Read on to find how food and science can heal your body and defy natural aging processes all with the simplicity of one scoop.

Bone broth has had a spotlight in health and wellness for some time now, but very few of us actually know much about its benefits other than supporting a healthy gut. Our first collagen myth is that it’s only necessary for those with digestive issues. That is simply untrue.  There is a reason our ancestors touted the benefits of broth for every ailment under the sun. They may not have had the scientific facts behind its effectiveness, but they knew it worked because results were visible.

Chicken soup is the classic cure for most ailments because it fortifies the immune system inadvertently by healing any issues in the gut. 80% of our immune cells are housed in our gastric system meaning a healthy gut equals strong and capable immunity. This is why broth has a long history of healing what ails. It is building up the immune system to fight off the problem. With science we have found that bone broth is even more effective when take regularly, so your gut and your immune system stay strong and work to prevent disease instead of fighting it.

A strong intestinal lining not only supports your immune system; it also decreases permeability and blocks bacteria and toxins from entering the blood stream. When we take in food or liquids, they have a one way path back out again, but if we have leaky gut, things can enter the body that were not meant to stay. This is the beginning of inflammation, toxicity and numerous autoimmune symptoms and diseases. These are some really good reasons to make bone broth a daily routine, but most of us don’t have the time to prepare it and don’t want to swallow down a big cup of steaming meat juice every day. That’s why Terra Origin Bone Broth Collagen Protein powders are so appealing.

You may be wondering why we emphasize collagen in the product name as nearly everyone knows bone broth contains the protein collagen, but we are actually drawing your attention to an entirely separate ingredient. There is beef, turkey and chicken broth which do contain collagen, but we’ve also added in bovine collagen peptides. This is a form of bioactive collagen that has a much higher absorption rate and bioavailability, meaning your body can actually use it. Strands of collagen are made of molecular bonds that in their natural state pass through your body with limited to no retention.  We have added collagen that has undergone enzymatic hydrolysis which breaks it down into peptides, or miniscule particles that are easily absorbed into the body. This means more collagen can enter the blood stream.

Here is our next common myth. Just because collagen goes in doesn’t mean it goes directly to your joints and tissues. In fact, there’s very little evidence that ingested collagen is used to build or protect anything. Do we have your attention? When we take collagen peptides, they enter the blood stream, often after digestion, and in essence die. This is how they work. When the body registers the abundance of broken down collagen molecules, it is triggered to make more. Much like when you get a cut, layers of collagen protein are destroyed, and the body makes more to heal the skin. By flooding your system with collagen peptides, it believes it needs to produce more to replace what’s floating around your blood stream. The new collagen proteins are then sent where they are needed.

This is when you see the benefits of increased collagen production! What we love most are the effects against aging. New collagen is the protein building block that fills in under our skin keeping it full, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, retaining its elasticity and smoothing out cellulite. Health and wellness are essential, but youth and beauty are divine. Luckily, this blend gives you everything.

Collagen not only keeps you looking younger, it also keeps you feeling younger. It is the basis for all of our connective tissues in joints and ligaments. It will bring ease and comfort to our physical movement even while we’re young and pushing our bodies to their limits. It helps us fight arthritis and osteoporosis and maintain a strong and supple skeletal system.

Lastly, we’ve added medium chain triglycerides or MCTs. This is an essential fat often consumed in coconut oil and dairy, but it is considered a healthy fat because it is a shorter molecular strand that gets processed in the body faster than other fats. This in turn makes it more usable, more quickly and keeps it from getting stored in the body as fat. They don’t stay in the gut. MCTs go directly to the liver to be converted into ketones and used immediately for energy by both the brain and the body. They will give you an energy boost, increase your endurance at the gym or in your day, reduce your appetite and help you burn fat more quickly. We thought they made a great addition to increased health and restored youth.

Hopefully, you now understand why we can’t get enough Bone Broth Collagen Protein powder. This is why Terra Origin has just released our  in delicious new flavors. We were really excited to offer the unflavored option as well with inflammation fighting turmeric. Now your bone broth can be in any dish, with any taste. Health is just a scoop away!