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Michelle Schwartz on Life and Health

I am Michelle Schwartz, and I am a health and fitness Instagrammer and blogger as well as a graphic designer. I absolutely love what I do. I am able to combine my passion for health with my creative talents. My goal is to inspire women everywhere to live well - one day at a time. My life was 100% changed when I committed to a healthy lifestyle, and I want to share my experiences, tips, and passion with others so they might be encouraged to take steps on their health journey.

The focus of my Instagram and blog is to empower women to become their healthiest and happiest self. Through my journey, I have had so many ups and downs, but when I discovered the connection between fitness, wellness and faith, my path was set. I am inspired to share content that encourages women to challenge their mind, body and soul daily. If you visit my Instagram, @fitstagram.michelle, you will find full workouts, healthy recipes and uplifting words. My goal is always to be authentic and share my journey. 

The challenges were heavy. I had an eating disorder on and off for about 6 years. I was harming my body and hating it all the while. I was broken, needing change, craving a difference. It wasn’t until I committed to a 12-week fitness program along with growing in my faith that I was able to overcome it. I had to realize that I was disrespecting the ONLY body I have. I had to learn that caring for your mind, loving yourself for who you are and where you are is even more important than the number on the scale. I had to dismiss other’s opinions and seek confidence in knowing I have worth regardless. Now, I love to fuel my body well and encourage others to do the same.

(We asked Michelle to share a little bit about her journey with Terra Origin.)

Hands down, I am completely obsessed with the Vanilla Bone Broth. I use it every day in my green smoothies, or pancakes, or oats. No grit, so much delicious flavor, and all the benefits of collagen.


I love using Terra Origin products because they are made of natural and clean ingredients. I am always very careful what I put in my body, and I try to fuel my body properly. As a woman who works out and is trying to tone up, I know I need to get a sufficient amount of protein each day, and I also need help with my digestive system. Bone broth protein is the perfect 2-in-1 for this. I am able to mix in the powder to a million different recipes and they all come out so tasty. Talk about the easiest add that makes ALL the difference to achieving the body I want inside and out.

(We then asked her what advice she would like to share.)

  1. Be kind to yourself. The biggest lesson I learned on my health and fitness journey is that I needed to learn to love myself first. It is so important to know your worth and believe it. You have to respect yourself because the biggest transformation needed is often on the inside. Be kind to yourself as you grow. This journey is long and hard but worth every effort. Treat yourself with compassion and give yourself grace along the way.
  2. Smaller meals, healthy options. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Rather, chose whole foods that fuel your body with real nutrients that it needs. Morning workouts. I love working out in the morning to kick-start my metabolism. Plus, I know that it is “out of the way” for the rest of my day. In the past, I would make excuses as to why I missed workouts, but now I make excuses to make them!
  3. Wellness isn’t about comparison. It is about compassion. Understand that everyone is on their own journey - each of which might look different. Do what works for you and encourage others to get healthy. We aren’t against each other, but we are all in this journey together.

(We then wondered if there was a favorite recipe she would like to share with us!)

This winter I’m totally digging Cinnamon Apple Protein Oats:


Directions: Place oats and milk in a microwavable bowl and cook for 1.5 minutes. Mix in the protein. Heat a pan on medium and sauté the coconut oil, diced apple, and cinnamon for 6 minutes. Mix the protein oats with the cinnamon apple and serve!

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