The 10-Minute Bodyweight EMOM Cardio Workout That Doesn’t Let Up

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The 10-Minute Bodyweight EMOM Cardio Workout That Doesn’t Let Up

The 10-Minute Bodyweight EMOM Cardio Workout That Doesn’t Let Up

Think ten minutes isn’t long enough to work up a sweat? Think again

EMOM stands for “every minute on the minute” and it’s a workout format that offers a challenge for all levels of exerciser. You’ll find it used as a finisher for many a fitness class and employed in CrossFit boxes worldwide.

For an accessible EMOM anyone can try at home or in the gym, we went to PT and CrossFit athlete Rachel Langford.

“EMOMs are straightforward – you complete a set of exercises within 60 seconds, then at the start of the next minute do it all over again – but they quickly become difficult.

“This workout consists of ten rounds, lasting ten minutes. All of the exercises use your bodyweight, so you can complete it wherever you have a space to train.

“Completing the set quickly gets your cardiovascular system going, and working for multiple reps tests and improves your muscular endurance, as well as preparing you for harder and more intense workouts.

“To make this one harder, hold the active recovery exercise until the minute elapses, aiming to start your recovery at the same point each round.”

The Workout

Set a timer and complete the following once every minute for ten minutes.

1 Push-up

Reps 5

On all fours, with your hands directly beneath your shoulders and arms extended, hold your body in a straight line from your neck to your ankles. Slowly bend at the elbows until your chest reaches the floor. Push up to return to the start.

2 Jump squat

Reps 5

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, chest up and shoulders back. Slowly sit back, bending your knees until they’re at a 90° angle, then drive through your heels to explode up into a jump. Land softly.

3 Chest-to-floor burpees

Reps 5

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Drop your hands to the ground in front of your feet, then jump your legs back so you’re in the top press-up position. Perform a press-up, then jump your feet back up to meet your hands. Stand and jump straight up.

4 Beast hold (optional active recovery)

Time Remainder of the minute

Support yourself on your hands and knees, with your hands beneath your shoulders and arms fully extended, and knees beneath your hips. Tuck your toes and raise your knees off the ground. Hold.