Terra Origin Bone Broth Protein Collaboration with Fitstagram Michelle

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Terra Origin Bone Broth Protein Collaboration with Fitstagram Michelle

Michelle, from FitstagramMichelle.com, here, a Fitness Influencer and Wellness Blogger who loves to be challenged daily. I have been on my fitness journey for three years now, lost 25 pounds, and have grown tremendously inside
and out. Much has changed during this time period, from my passions, to my priorities, to my schedule. I live a very busy lifestyle, so I strive to find simple ways to get healthier. Today, I’m outlining my morning routine and how it is key
to achieving my health goals.

I set aside time each morning to workout. Sweating in the morning wakes up your body for the day ahead. As a woman with a busy schedule, I like workouts that are versatile and effective. Moving for about 30-45 minutes revs your metabolism and kick-starts your body’s engine. This can be anything from a long walk in the fresh air to a HIIT workout in your living room. One of my go-to HIIT routines is this booty circuit found on my blog. To prep, I first brew a cup of coffee, pour a glass of warm lemon water and set up my yoga mat. Before my body is fully awake, I begin moving. This is a critical step for me as I know that my mind can be less enthusiastic about an early workout. As the session progresses, my mind becomes more of helper rather than a harmer. Challenging myself in the morning gives me added mental strength for the rest of the day.

After my workout, I refuel my muscles and replenish my body with nutrients.  Typically, I choose a breakfast that is high in protein, greens and carbs: a matcha green smoothie. I grab my blender, throw in two handfuls of spinach, a few slices of cucumber, a scoop of protein, 1/2 tsp matcha, a slice of fresh ginger, 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower, and 1/2 cup mango. Blending until smooth. I’m asked quite frequently what type of protein I use. For a number of reasons, my go-to choice has been Terra Origin’s Bone Broth Protein. Bone broth is packed with collagen and pure protein. Using a clean source of protein is so important to fueling your body for a lasting effect, and collagen has absolutely become my new best friend. Since introducing Terra Origin to my diet, I have seen my hair and nails grow at a much faster rate, my digestion has improved, and my skin has cleared up.

As a woman with an active lifestyle, protein has been  a staple in my diet. In the past, I used to shy away from this in fear of “bulking”. I’ve since learned that those fears were unwarranted simply because I hadn’t educated myself yet. Now, I use protein regularly. For me, its main purpose is to lean my muscles and help tone. Muscle fibers tear during a workout, and for them to repair themselves, they need a form of lean protein. Collagen and protein work together to not only repair muscle but also to repair damaged hair, skin and nails. As an added benefit, a protein-rich diet has encouraged my body to stay full longer and therefore snack less.

Once my body is refueled. I make time to set my intentions for the day. I journal and have a devotional. Mentally, I need to prepare myself for what is to come, so I write down my to-do list which includes short-term goals. I also like to map out what I plan to eat so I know my meals are well balanced. This takes the guesswork out of choosing meals and helps me to avoid extra snacks that aren’t on the list. Setting my intentions helps me visualize what I need to do and how to accomplish the task at hand. Working out, refueling my body, and setting intention has helped me be more successful at my job, as a wife, sister and friend, and has enabled me to meet my health goals in spite of a busy lifestyle.