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Healthy Reds Superfoods (Kiwi Strawberry)

Healthy Reds Superfoods (Kiwi Strawberry)

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For Energy, Health & A Strong Immune System

Let’s face it- it’s hard to eat all the healthy foods you want to be eating. Our Reds Superfoods is a perfect supplement for those seeking the health that comes from eating a wide variety of healthy foods. One scoop delivers over 35 natural, energy-boosting ingredients including fruits, vegetables, herbs & antioxidants. Good for your taste buds too- it's a finely milled powder that tastes great in smoothies. As always, our products reflect our high standards. We do not add in empty fillers.

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  • Supports A Healthy Immune System
  • Over 35 Natural Ingredients
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Cranberry Fruit Powder 1 g

  • Supports the immune system, fights oxidative damage, prevents infections, defends against chronic disease*

Strawberry Fruit Powder 850 mg

  • Natural immune support, prevents heart disease, maintains blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, helps regulate the nervous system*

Acerola Fruit Extract 800 mg

  • Protects against infections and viruses, anti-aging properties, boosts the immune system, stimulates the metabolism, aids in cognitive function, helps regulate hormonal processes*

Organic Carrot Root Powder 625 mg

  • Protects the eyes, aids in digestion, prevents heart disease, reinforces the immune system, regulates blood sugar and blood pressure*

Beet Root Powder 600 mg

  • Improves digestion, increases weight loss, boosts exercise endurance, supports blood flow to the brain, facilitates better circulation*

Sour Cherry Fruit Powder 400 mg

  • Provides high levels of vitamins A and C, lowers muscle damage, pain and inflammation, supports healthy sleep patterns, reduces joint pain, defends brain cells against oxidative stress*

Plum Fruit Powder 300 mg

  • Supports healthy digestion and elimination, reduces inflammation, protects the cells from free radicals, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol protecting the heart*

Pomegranate Fruit Powder 275 mg

  • Prevents premature aging, soothes stomach pain, protects the heart, supports cognitive function, nourishes the skin, regenerates cells and boosts collagen*

Natural Fruit and Vegetable Blend, Over 40 fruits and vegetables in all

When it comes to diet and nutrition, there is one thing all the experts agree on, fruits and vegetables and the fact that we do not eat enough of them. Who has the time or calorie expenditure to eat over thirty fresh fruits every week? That’s why we formulated a supplement to give you the very best fruits, vegetables and herbs supplying your body with all the healing nutrition it needs at only 30 calories and 2 grams of sugar per serving!


Getting red and orange fruits in our bodies is crucial to fight oxidative damage from free radicals and UV light. They strengthen our immune system and keep us looking young. That is no light task and yet a large variety of fruits and superfoods does so much more. We need them to protect us at a cellular and chemical level to combat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and diabetes, heart disease and degenerative effects in the body from time and age.


A variety of fresh foods helps to facilitate gastric processes and protect the digestive tract from impermeability and inflammation. They guarantee our systems get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are needed to live our best lives. This blend will also support vital cognitive functioning, healthy sleep cycles and aid in alleviating anxiety and stress.


Everyone needs more fruits and vegetables in their diet, so we decided to find the most nutrient dense superfoods and create one powerful supplement. Do you need more reasons to add these essential nutrients to your diet? If you do, take a look at our label and discover 36 more amazing fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds and amino acids.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 





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