Inner Balance For Stress & Tension
Inner Balance For Stress & Tension $19.99
KSM-66* Ashwagandha for stress & tension* Rhodiola Root Extract for nervous systems* Astragalus Root & Holy Basil Leaf for stress* For alleviating stress and tension & achieving a calmer mental state. Formulated with powerful nutraceuticals from ancient traditions in medicine and ingredients supported by modern research. Promote healthy responses to stress and fatigue with KSM-66 Organic Ashwagandha, the highest-quality form of extract available. We’ve also included Rhodiola extract, Astragalus Root, and Holy Basil; herbs that help combat stress. As always, our products reflect our high standards- we do not add in empty fillers or confusing preservatives.
Brain - Memory & Recall.
Brain - Memory & Recall. $21.99
CDB CHOLINE for memory* BACOPA for recall* GINKO for cognitive function* For A Healthy Mind and Sharp Memory.    Our Brain supplement contains brain-healthy nutrients that are supported by modern research. See improved memory and improved motor function with CDP Choline, and promote recall and brain circulation with Bacopa herb and Ginkgo leaf extract. Healthy Brain also contains ingredients to help nerves communicate with your body, ensuring that your best days are ahead of you. As always, our products reflect our high standards- we do not add in empty fillers or confusing preservatives.
Healthy Multi-Symptom Menopause
Healthy Multi-Symptom Menopause $24.99
Low estrogen levels in women can cause symptoms including irregular periods, hot flashes, headaches, mood swings, and more. Vitamin D deficiency may lead to lowered estrogen levels which is why each serving provides 40 MCG of Vitamin D3. Menopause Multi Symptom Capsules help support healthy estrogen levels contain key ingredients to support a healthy response to various symptoms experiences from the natural changes occurring during menopause including hot flashes and night sweats. Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free
Healthy Stress Relief
Healthy Stress Relief $19.99
Formulated with adaptogens designed to help you manage stress levels. These carefully selected herbs and plants contain chemical compounds and other beneficial properties that support healthy responses to occasional stress in the body and may promote wellness through their nonspecific supportive effects on the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems.*
Healthy Mind & Memory
Healthy Mind & Memory $21.99
Formulated with powerful nutraceuticals that help you process, retain, and recall information quickly. CDP choline, ginkgo leaf extract, bacopa herb extract, huperzine A and others have been carefully chosen for their distinct benefits, supported with extensive research, to help your mind and memory stay sharp.*
Healthy Mushroom Capsules
Healthy Mushroom Capsules $29.99
Specially formulated using enzymes to help metabolize food and supplements more efficiently, probiotics supporting the growth of beneficial stomach bacteria to help properly absorb nutrients, and including Senna, fennel, and DGL to rid the body of toxins acquired from food, lifestyle or the environment.*