What is Bone Broth and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

What is Bone Broth and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

Sometimes things will hit the health and wellness market and soar in popularity while leaving us utterly perplexed as to what they are or what they do. Bone broth is one such phenomenon. We hear about it from dietitians and fitness experts. We see it mentioned in magazines and websites. We may even hear a neighbor or friend from the gym talk about adding it to their diet, but why has this rather mundane soup stock become a golden ticket to well-being?

First, let’s look at what bone broth is not referring to in health circles.

Broth itself is not the powerhouse of nutrition. It is the base of a soup. When you boil primarily meat with some bones for 45 minutes to an hour, this is broth, and though it can make a great dinner, it is not what we are after.

Then there is stock. This is getting higher on the food as medicine scale, but it is still not a pure bone broth. Stock is primarily bones with a little meat that is still attached. The bones are often roasted first for enhanced flavor and then boiled for three to four hours. This does increase the gelatin in the liquid but hasn’t quite hit the mark.

Then there is bone broth. In deference to the trend, it is generally made with all beef bones, but any bones can be used as long as there is very little meat left. You can still roast them for better flavor and even add in a few herbs, but the key is in the cook time. A true bone broth should be simmered for a minimum of eight hours and up to 24 hours. The longer it simmers, the more nutrient dense it is. You will know it is ready when you can lightly press a bone between your thumb and forefinger and it easily crumbles.

There is an incredible amount of time and attention put into a good bone broth. If you don’t watch it, all of your liquids can dry up leaving a scorched pot of burnt bones. Water should be steadily added to keep the pot about half to three-quarters of its original content.

Very few people want to put in this much effort or time, so finding a better solution like Terra Origin’s Chocolate Bone Broth Protein can give you all of the benefits without all of the fuss.

If you’re wondering why you should even bother, take a look at all the amazing things this humble broth can do for you.

First, it boosts your immune system. This is something your grandmother has known for decades. There is a reason we have chicken soup when we are sick. As the bones break down, they release a host of minerals and nutrients that support our health and immunity. They also release proline, glutamine and arginine which are specific amino acids that work to heal leaky gut syndrome by sealing the small fissures where food particles are escaping into the bloodstream. Leaky gut is a primary cause for a weak immune system. When particles escape the intestines, they set off an alarm in the body increasing inflammation and releasing antibodies to fight the intruders which end up attacking healthy tissues. So by patching the leaks in your digestive tract, you significantly boost your immune system and overall health.

Amino acids aren’t the only thing that is released from bones. This broth is filled with collagen, a type of protein we need for strong and supple joints, skin and hair. Bone broth collagen has all three types of protein. Type I and III are used by the body for skin, hair and bones. Type II is needed for healthy cartilage and joints.

As we age, our skeletal system takes a lot of abuse and the cartilage gets weaker. Being in liquid form, or mixed with liquid from powder form, the collagen is easily absorbed and helps to renew the gliding cushion in our joints.

Collagen plays a role in glowing skin and hair by aiding in the creation of elastin which helps the tone and texture of skin and combats the appearance of cellulite. It may even fight wrinkles, puffiness and ageing. Some of these improvements may be from the heavy detox power of bone broth.

In the cooking process, glutathione, potassium and glycine are released. These are all known to support the liver in the removal of toxins and aid in the release of waste during digestion. Glutathione is labeled as a phase II detoxification element that can help the body get rid of heavy metals like mercury and lead.

Finally, collagen also strengthens our stomach lining which in turn helps to prevent or lessen food allergies and sensitivities, like issues with gluten or dairy. It helps restore the balance of good bacteria in our gut giving us a stronger digestive system which is less prone to inflammation and food irritations.

Terra Origin bone broth protein gives your body up to 19 grams of natural bone protein sourced from chicken, beef and turkey. It also gives you seventeen amino acids to improve your digestion and gut health while boosting your immune system.

Drinking bone broth even has an indirect effect on weight loss in that it replaces your need or desire for a snack. It is extremely nutritious and filling, making it the perfect afternoon comfort food. Instead of empty calories or sugar bombs, you will be getting a concentrated dose of balanced protein and trace minerals like phosphorus and calcium.

Our ancestors are having an, “I told you so,” moment. Bone broth truly stands up to the hype and should be an addition to your dietary routine.



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