Healthy Gut Reset PM
Healthy Gut Reset PM $25
L-Glutamine & Quercetin Digestive Support Alleviates Stomach Discomfort Healthy Gut Reset PM is specially formulated with scientifically tested ingredients including L-Glutamine, Slippery Elm, Licorice Root, Marshmallow Root, Aloe Vera and more for gastrointestinal support.* Made with melatonin, GABA and L-Theanine to promote relaxation and to support a healthy sleep, wake cycle.* It’s what’s inside that counts, so give your gut the support it needs while you sleep.* Our Healthy Gut lets you do more of the things you love, and worry less about what you had to eat. L-Glutamine, Licorice Root, Slippery Elm, MSM and more for gastrointestinal support.* plus Melatonin, Gaba, L-Theanine for calmness and sleep-wake cycle* Shellfish Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Made in the USA.
Healthy Sleep & Wake
Healthy Sleep & Wake $18
Promotes Calmness Helps Initiate Sleep Enhances REM Sleep For A Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle We’ve formulated a sleep capsule that contains a blend of evidence-backed and natural ingredients for a healthy-sleep wake cycle. Healthy Sleep & Wake promotes relaxation and calmness before bed with key ingredients melatonin, GABA, and L-Tryptophan. The result is higher quality sleep, a healthier nervous system, and a radiant glow. As always, our products reflect our high standards- we do not add in empty fillers or confusing preservatives.