Winter Care Arsenal

Winter Care Arsenal

The cold and dry winter months can be a nightmare for lush, healthy skin if you don’t know how to hydrate and nourish on the outside and even more importantly, within. We have all experienced the chapped lips, flaky skin, and cracked hands and feet when we don’t take care of our skin in the winter. That is why we begin moisturizing, being more diligent with conditioners and night creams and rationing harsh beauty products for the sake of shiny locks and a fresh face. Using a rich face cream, oil-based body lotions, leave-in conditioning treatments and therapeutic chapstick are all great steps to take, but they don’t heal the skin and hair. They treat and mask symptoms of dryness. The only way to keep your skin and hair healthy all season is to treat it from the inside.

Winter Hair Care

There are many things you can do to protect your hair from drying, split-ends, breakage and hair loss this winter. First start by looking at your products. Avoid harsh chemicals, bleaches and excessive heat. It’s actually better to do less to your tresses, shampoo less often to avoid flakes and itching, style less strictly, don’t brush wet hair or pull it back in a ponytail or your towel. Try to let it dry naturally and completely before going out in the cold. If time doesn’t permit in the mornings, wash your hair at night. To shampoo less often, opt for a dry shampoo for the in between maintenance. Use a heavier conditioner and pair it with a leave-in. For more moisture control, use an oil-based treatment at least once a week.

Now you know how to treat the symptoms, but how do you keep it from ever getting damaged to begin with? Proper nutrition and supplements! The secret to a strong, thick, nourished mane starts within as the roots are fed a large variety of vitamins and nutrients. The key components to perfect hair are biotin (B7) and collagen. Collagen breaks down in our bodies after the age of 25, so we need to encourage greater production to maintain youthful hair, nails and skin. A healthy diet could supply your body with enough biotin, but to be on the safe side choose a biotin supplement that can support your hair this winter. Terra Origin Healthy Beauty will supply all the biotin you need along with collagen, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Horsetail for all around winter hair protection!

Winter Nail Care

You many not think of your nails much in terms of changing up your routine for cold weather care, but they can chip and peel just like our skin. Nails don’t breathe or eat, but they do have to retain a certain amount of oil to stay strong and smooth. The dry air and possible exposure to ice, snow and water can cause an imbalance in the natural oils, so you need to protect them. This tip isn’t just for the ladies. Keep a topcoat on your nails; clear or colored polish will do the trick. The next piece of advice will do wonders for both your hands and your nails, lotion, lotion, lotion! Keep it in your bag, at your desk, in the car, by your bed. Every time you get your hands wet, apply more cream. Working, going in and out of the dry, cold air, more cream. This will moisturize your nails and your cuticles, not to mention your hands. Keep up your standard nail maintenance as well like regular filing, cuticle oil, completely cleaning off old polish before applying new and of course wear gloves for all occasions, washing dishes, scraping ice and having a snowball fight.

That covers outside care, but what do your nails need from the inside? We return to biotin and collagen. This B vitamin is essential for healthy cell growth and the breaking down of protein-building aminos that our nails use for healthy growth cycles. Collagen is the building block of strong nails and is necessary for structure and growth. We also need B12, folate, iron, magnesium, zinc, omega-3s and enough protein to keep up with keratin production. Add in a daily protein boost like Terra Origin Grass-Fed Whey Protein powders or the Healthy Plant Protein powders.

Winter Skin Care

Our skin may take the harshest hit during dry, cold winters and rapid temperature fluctuations as the blood vessels constrict attempting to hold in body heat. This causes skin to appear lackluster and begin to dry out or worse flake and split. Start with your daily cleanser and make sure it is free of alcohol and adds in hydration. Light cleansers and even soap free options are great to switch to during the winter. This tip isn’t just for your face. Get a moisture rich body wash as well and avoid drying soaps for head to toe protection. Remember to full body moisturize as well. Opt for oil-based body creams to keep the moisture trapped in the skin and a face cream with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Try to apply a face sheet mask or ultra-rich moisturizing mask every day or at least 4 – 5 times a week to really keep your skin fresh and plump. Lastly, keep a lip balm handy at all times, preferably with natural oils like jojoba, almond, coconut or shea. For the ladies, avoid your favorite matte lipsticks or any long wear shades. They stay on because they dry the lips.

Even the best skin care routines go awry if our bodies are not well-nourished and feeding the cells in the dermis layers. Your skin’s best friend is collagen. This can be found in the skin and bones of meat, but that may not be your favorite plate filler. It’s much more convenient and tasty to add in a collagen supplement to your daily arsenal. Terra Origin offers a range of collagen boosting products like Bone Broth powders, Healthy Skin Boost in Acai berry or citrus and a range of supplements like the Inner Beauty Detox Cleanse and the Terra Origin Healthy Beauty.


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