Digestive Enzyme Capsules
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TERRA ORIGIN was created to connect the gap between research-backed solutions and ancient, natural traditions in health. Innovated by a team of scientists, our holistic line of products promotes healthy life and longevity.

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Digestive Enzyme Capsules

  • Eases Digestion*
  • Eases Nutrient Absorption*
  • Contains 2.25 Billion CFU*

Your gut houses 80% of your immune system, so when digestion is not functioning as it should, your entire body begins to suffer. Terra Origin Digestive Enzymes was designed to aid digestion by supplementing your body’s natural digestive enzymes, so today’s diet can be broken down more easily.*

What Makes Digestive Enzyme Capsules So Special?

When food is converted into separate particles, a healthy intestinal lining can disseminate the needed nutrients from the unwanted molecules and permit only what is necessary to go through the lining and into the blood stream. When our food is not digested properly, valuable nutrients go in and go right back out causing shortages in the body. If the digestive lining begins to “leak,” bacteria and unwanted nutrients also begin to flood the blood stream. This creates an immune response, inflammation and disease.

At times we stop producing enough of a particular enzyme to break down a specific nutrient, like lactase breaking down the lactose in dairy. Then we end up with food sensitivities and physical discomforts. By giving your body a balanced enzyme blend, you can eat your favorite foods and comfortably process them avoiding gas, bloating and irregular elimination while protecting your digestive tract and ensuring only what you need enters your blood stream.* Eases Digestion and Nutrient Absorption.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.