Managing Post Election Stress in 2020
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Managing Post Election Stress in 2020

This Isn’t What the Founding Fathers Had in Mind

We’re living in a very tumultuous time right now. No matter what side of the aisle you fall on when it comes to politics, chances are you’re dealing with a lot of stress and uncertainty as the election unfolds and the smoke clears on what might happen over the next four years. 


By now the votes have been cast and the ballots tallied, so it’s out of our hands, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t weigh heavily on us. Add to that the stress of the pandemic, and we could all use some ways to take our minds off of things and try to find ways to manage and cope. We’re not suggesting it’s easy, but being able to manage stress is vital to our mental and physical health.


Stress has myriad effects on the body including insomnia, emotional instability, frustration, a compromised immune system, hormone imbalances, brain fog and an agitated nervous system. This can lead to overeating, weight gain, internal inflammation, digestive issues, disease, premature aging and chronic disorders.


So we at Terra Origin have put together a list of ways you can find calm or respite when you feel depressed by politics, need to deal with election anxiety or it all feels like too much.


  • Meditation: A centuries-old practice for a reason, the simple act of breathing and mindfulness can change our mindset, slow down our heart rate and calm us down. You don’t need to meditate for huge chunks of time. In fact, starting with a minute or a few minutes of breathing is recommended by most practitioners. Here are a few simple steps to get started:
  1. Find a quiet space and sit comfortably either on a chair or the floor with your back straight or lying down.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
  3. Inhale slowly through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this several times as you find your breath.
  4. Now breathe normally and just try and be present and still in the moment. Your mind will wander, so let it. This isn’t about perfection. It’s about stillness and calm.
  • Go for a walk: There’s nothing better than getting outside and taking a brisk walk to clear our minds and expand our lungs. Even if you live in a city, walking and breathing in the fresh air can help us focus our thoughts, or forget them, raise our heart rate for the benefits of heart health and reflect on where we’re walking rather than what we’re thinking.
  • Listen to music: Nothing gets us in a better mood than that one amazing song we love. Whether we want to belt it out at the top of our lungs, dance around the kitchen or just sit and hear a song that means a lot to us, music can change our mood in an instant and remind us that this too shall pass.
  • Exercise: Whether you like to lift weights, punch a heavy bag, ride a spin bike or run on the treadmill, exercise raises endorphins to make us feel better. A good sweat is often a great way to deal when we feel overwhelmed and allows us to focus on how we feel in our bodies, rather than our minds.


Inspired by the ancient practice of Ayurveda, Terra Origin has a wide variety of health and beauty products available to help you manage your post election stress from the inside out. These are all made with the highest quality ingredients and developed, tested, produced, and packaged under one roof so you can feel good about making our products a part of your everyday life.


  • Terra Origin Hemp Extract Capsules: This unique blend of phytocannabinoids with MCT oil was designed to balance your nervous system to lower stress and anxiety, decrease inflammation, support pain management and improve sleep. Combining MCT with phytocannabinoids offers your body the support it needs to combat stress and pain while regulating your system and working to bring balance back to the body.
  • Terra Origin Inner Balance Capsules: A combination of powerful nutraceuticals from ancient traditions in medicine and ingredients supported by modern research. Inner Balance is made up of organic Ashwagandha, which can help promote healthy responses to stress and fatigue, plus Rhodiola extract, Astragalus Root, and Holy Basil, herbs to calm anxiety, lower stress hormones and achieve a calmer mental state.
  • Terra Origin Healthy Sleep Capsules: This sleep capsule contains a blend of evidence-backed and natural ingredients for a healthy-sleep wake cycle. Key ingredients melatonin, GABA, and L-Tryptophan promote relaxation and calmness before bed, resulting in higher quality sleep, a healthier nervous system, and a radiant glow.  
  • Terra Origin Healthy Gut: Give your gut the support it needs with vitamins and herbs proven by research to support the digestive system: Glutamine and N-Acetyl Glucosamine help balance the intestinal lining and relieve gastric distress, build and repair the intestines and decrease intestinal permeability and improve gut immune response.


Remember, voting for yourself and your health leads to a strong and healthy you, mentally and physically. That’s something we can all support!