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What is Biotin, and Do You Need It?

The human body is one of the most complex organisms on the planet, so it’s no wonder we can’t keep track of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to function in peak form. Take biotin for example. What is it? Do we need it? And is it found in the shampoo aisle?

Biotin is often promoted for luxurious hair, but its importance and function in the body goes a whole lot further. You may not be familiar with the word at all, or you may simply know it by another name. Biotin has also been called vitamin H and may be more commonly known as B7, as it is part of the complex B vitamins. It is found in nature in both free forms and protein-bound forms, meaning as a stand-alone vitamin in plants or connected to protein in animal foods. If protein-bound biotin is ingested, then the body needs to disconnect the protein in order to make it usable.

The body will do this because it needs the biotin. It can produce certain quantities in the gut, but it cannot store it in the body, so giving yourself a biotin boost can go a long way. You want your body to have sufficient amounts to put towards cellular development, synthesizing fatty acids, metabolizing aminos and regularizing sugar levels.

So why is it written on shampoo bottles? Biotin took the beauty industry by storm when scientists discovered it was a key factor to healthy hair. It not only helps hair to grow faster and more regularly, it also naturally thickens your hair. This was big news for those with thinning and even people suffering from acute hair loss. But it does not stop there.

They also discovered biotin played a vital role in healthy, glowing skin. Biotin is what nourishes your skin from the inside so it can be healthy on the outside. Studies further concluded that those who support their systems with a biotin supplement consistently showed significant improvement in the health of their nails with less splitting and breakage.

This unassuming, little B vitamin plays some major rolls in our internal health and external beauty, so how exactly can we get more of it? Biotin is found in nearly all nuts and most seeds, as well as dairy, most vegetables, specifically avocado, sweet potato and cauliflower and many other fruits, grains and legumes. Of course with today’s busy lifestyles and the burgeoning list of necessary daily foods, adding one more thing to your plate may be a limited option.

A high-quality supplement would do the trick, but be sure to do your homework and find a reputable source. Or let us do the work for you! Check out our full Healthy Beauty supplement to give you what you need on the inside to shine on the outside.