Your Wedding Day Health and Beauty Checklist

Your Wedding Day Health and Beauty Checklist

As we enter March and spring time is around the corner, your special day is getting closer. You have found the perfect dress, selected the venue, written the invitations, hired your florist, musicians, caterer, vendors and developed an intimate friendship with your coordinator. Now the countdown has begun, and the most important aspect of this day takes center stage, you! No matter how perfect everything may be, if the morning comes and you feel sick, bloated or anything less than glowing, radiant and sexy then even the most flawless plans will fall short. That’s why we decided to put together your health and beauty checklist to walk down the aisle as your exquisite self. This means hair, skin, nails, weight and inner health to avoid any negative digestive effects from nerves and jitters. Get ready to beam with confidence from the inside out!

It can be very easy to find faults with ourselves when we feel nervous about being the center of attention or impressing our true love. Don’t fall into this trap! Remember everyone looking at you is there because they care for you and want to share this joyous moment, and the person waiting to marry you will love you regardless of how full your eyelashes or pouty your lips appear. Don’t let wedding day madness send you to potentially dangerous or unnatural procedures. To be healthy and walk in your own authenticity and unique attractiveness, you only need to do what is good for your body and mind. Since we know the body follows the mind, let’s start with your mental health checklist.

Being Mentally Prepared

Stress, anxiety, nerves and exhaustion are incredible enemies leading up to your wedding day, and they all have physical tolls that leave you less than your best. There are simple things you can begin to incorporate into your life now to gain control over your thoughts and emotions so that you are the one controlling your perfect moment.

1. Meditate and Visualize

Don’t consider this a cliché. Athletes are trained to meditate and visualize before a big game or competition, and results have proven successful. Start incorporating five to ten minutes into your day, before you get out of bed or as you lie down to sleep and enter into a basic breathing count. Close your eyes, get in a comfortable position and take in a deep breath through your nose, hold it and let it out slowly through your mouth. Do this ten time and count the breaths if your mind wanders. Now enter into this rhythm as you begin to visualize your wedding day in complete, flawless details. Do not let your thoughts slip into a to-do list! This is about seeing what will be. Take time to focus on how you feel in this moment, how you look, where your mind is as you get ready and as you walk down the aisle. Feel the way the words, “I do,” roll out of your mouth. Be very articulate in the details as you visualize exactly what you want.

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep

This may be more important now than ever! You don’t want to be sleep deprived as you make the biggest commitment of your life. If sleep doesn’t come easily, start making small adjustments now. Get strict with your bed time and what time you get up, follow a schedule and create a sleep routine. Turn off all electronics one to three hours before you go to sleep and create a bed time habit such as reading, meditating, listening to music or drinking a relaxing herbal tea while staring at the stars or fireplace. Consider a natural sleep aid with herbs like valerian root, chamomile and passion flower like Terra Origin Healthy Sleep. If you are already short on sleep, start adding in 15-20 minute naps in your day and squeezing in an extra hour or more each night to payback the sleep debt. This will do wonders for your health and radiance.

Hair, Skin and Nails

Every bride knows the importance of shiny, healthy hair, glowing, pure skin and strong, elegant nails, and she spends a lot of time and money getting them all ready for their big debut. Some things are basic like hydration, a healthy diet with well-rounded vitamins, nutrients and high in omega-3s. There are some tips and tricks to enhance your physical appearance.

1. Collagen is King

Your hair, skin and nails are all built by collagen and need it to be full, shiny and strong. Start a collagen supplement now like Terra Origin Healthy Skin Boost in acai berry or citrus. Using a concentrated dose of VERISOL ® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, you can start attacking lines and wrinkles, cellulite and stress aging now, so that you can look your best.

2. Eat the Rainbow

Try to get 30 different vegetables and half as many fruits into your diet every month. By diversifying your nutrients, you ensure that you get what you need and your body will reflect the added nutrition! If eating so many different things is difficult in your schedule, start adding a smoothie to your day. Do not simply juice your fruits and veggies as you want the fiber as a filler to avoid excess calories. For a greater variety, add in Superfood Green supplements and Superfood Red or Tropical supplements.

Getting in Shape

Let us remind you that the question has been asked and the answer has been given, so those extra pounds obviously didn’t matter. You are adored and desired just as you are. Wanting to look your best is natural and losing extra weight is great for your body and lifespan, but following extreme diets, long-term fasting or dangerous weight loss techniques is not the way to glow from the inside out. Don’t add to your stress now by doing something that is unhealthy or potentially dangerous. Take a look at three ways you can be your healthiest self.

1. Get Moving

If you don’t have a regular workout schedule and the idea of one is overwhelming, start looking at how you can incorporate more movement in your day. Can you walk or bike to work, the grocery store or to your next appointment? Look for little things like taking the stairs, parking at the back of the lot, walking on your lunch break, dancing when you wake up or any other movement that makes you smile and gets your heart rate up. It can be in small 10-minute intervals throughout your day. It will make a difference!

2. Learn to Say ‘No’

It may be time to say no to the second helping, the office snack bar, cocktail hour and dessert. These things are not gone forever, but in the months leading up to your wedding, a few sacrifices in the calorie department will add up and help you trim down. Have some healthy snacks around, and if the weight is stubborn and cravings intense, opt for Terra Origin Healthy Fat Burner to suppress your appetite and block the accumulation of new fat cells.

Even if you feel tired, put on five pounds and chipped a nail, we promise you no one will notice. Your wedding day is about celebrating two people coming together to start a journey of love and companionship. There is so much pressure put on brides today, but we must remember we are the architects of this moment, and the only pressure that can be put on our shoulders is that which we accept. So we would like to encourage you to see the phenomenal person that everyone else sees and realize you were the one chosen from all the people in the world to walk alongside your partner, and that is what really matters!


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