Give the Gift of Health

Give the Gift of Health
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We have all experienced the pressure to find the perfect gifts for those you love. There may be many things on their wish lists, but for those of us who want to give more than the latest tech gadget or fad trinket, we need to look outside the proverbial box and find something that really shows how much we care. Homemade gifts always say you took the time and put in effort, but if you’re not a DIY queen, they may also look childish or worse, taste terrible. Getting people exactly what they want can also be a nightmare. Even if you know them extremely well, the art of picking out that perfect present can be a gamble, not to mention time consuming and expensive. This year get rid of the guessing game, the stress and the holiday hustle by getting everyone exactly what they need, good health!

The value of life itself is held in our health and well-being. Our youth, vitality and passion for living is all regulated by our body’s fitness level. When you truly care for someone, you have no greater desire than their mental, physical and emotional state. So why would we think it odd to give someone a gift that helps them protect their immune system, ease their digestive tract and keep them looking young and radiant? You may not want to wrap up prune juice, laxatives or a gift certificate for a lipo, but there are some supplements that show your friends and family that you wish them the very best all year long. Take a look at our favorites!

For Those Longing for Eternal Youth

We all have that special someone who aches at the site of another wrinkle, bemoans their lackluster hair and feels the pressure of aging. This year, consider giving them renewed elasticity in their skin, a natural smoothing of lines and filling of wrinkles and a fighting chance against the early signs of aging. Choose Terra Origin Healthy Skin Boost in citrus or acai berry.

Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides will flood their system, starting collagen production once more and filling in the hollow spots in the dermis that have begun to sink into crow’s feet and laugh lines. Cellulite will smooth as the elasticity and plumpness of the surface evens out. This special formula shows you care about them inside and out as the collagen brings them relief from inflammation, aching joints and weak bones.

Pair the Healthy Skin Boost with a bottle of Terra Origin Resveratrol Plus Antioxidant formula for the ultimate gift. This supplement is filled with key plant extracts and antioxidant properties to reverse UV damage, even skin tone and support healthy cellular growth. Wrapped in a bow, they make the perfect way to say you care about what matters most!

For Those with Sensitive Stomachs

The holidays can be particularly cruel for those who struggle with gut health, intestinal impermeability and weakened immune systems. Leaky gut is no longer a random affliction; it has become an epidemic. Along with it are symptoms such as digestive discomforts, nutrient insufficiency, poor immune health, autoimmune diseases and emotional imbalances. Sitting down to dinner and denying yourself the majority of the delicious foods can feel alienating, but eating them and being ill afterwards is much worse. Even if the restricted diet is manageable, avoiding the bitter cold can be impossible. A strong immune system is most important during the long winter months.

For those in your life who struggle with digestive health and gut microbiomes, giving them relief over the holidays may be the greatest gift of all. Take a look at Terra Origin Healthy Gut. Through a combination of gut healing amino acids and natural herbal extracts, this combination can provide relief and recovery from damaged intestinal linings, stomach inflammation, weakened small junctions and gastric distress. Wrap this up with the Organic Turmeric Chai Blend for an immune support powerhouse! Utilizing a centuries old Ayurveda chai spice blend, this special mix was designed to protect against oxidative damage, rid the body of free radicals, increase bioavailability in the gastric process, speed up healthy cell growth and significantly boost the overall immune system. 

For Those Who Deserve It All

When we truly care for someone, we want the very best for them in every way. We want them to look and feel young and vital. We want their systems to function at peak performance. We want them to feel whole, balanced and at ease. One box with three supplements will give them all of this and more. Show how much you love someone with the optimal gift of health and personal self-care.

First choose from Terra Origin Bone Broth Collagen Protein powders. Bone broth needs little introduction as it has now been confirmed as a super healing food for the entire gastric system. This particular blend contains both Types I and III collagens for healing digestive issues, supporting pain-free joints, restoring strength and shine to hair and nails and reducing the signs of aging in the skin.

Next, give them the Inner Beauty Detox Cleanse. These capsules pack a punch with the Terra Origin probiotic blend along with essential digestive enzymes and powerful herbs. Though it supports healthy skin, hair and nails, it really shines in its ability to combat daily stressors and environmental attacks. It works to reinforce the system, improve nutrient absorption and restore balance in the gut and hormone levels.

Lastly, bring some peace and quiet into their lives with Terra Origin Healthy Sleep supplement. All the nutrition and herbal support in the world can’t match a good night’s sleep. Our bodies heal while we rest and restore our energy, internal levels and mental capacity. Without adequate sleep, things begin to break down, and we feel the wear and tear. This all-natural sleep aid has been rigorously tested to be effective and non-habit forming. It only uses plant based sedatives such as hops, chamomile, valerian and passion flower. These are expertly combined with tryptophan, GABA and melatonin to give even the most dedicated insomniac a gentle ride to dream land.

Are You Ready to Give Health to Those You Love?

With ease and physical well-being only a click away, the decision to wrap up health should be an easy one.

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