Meet Terra Origin's Brand Ambassador

Meet Terra Origin's Brand Ambassador

Melanie is a registered yoga teacher and full-time wellness entrepreneur in New York City, and she also runs a fun and healthy blog called Headstands and Heels. Her blog focuses on “healthy living made fun and fashionable” and is filled with positive vibes. When you visit her page, be prepared to see tons of workout classes, yummy and healthy recipes and an overall passion for fashionable wellness. 

We chose Melanie to kick off our #WhatsYourOrigin campaign because she connects fitness, wellness and health in a way that makes it an achievable lifestyle which is what Terra Origin products are all about. As Melanie puts it, #WhatsYourOrigin is meant to show “a healthy lifestyle in action!” So feel free to follow this hashtag and use it on your own wellness journey with Terra Origin products!

Some of Headstands and Heels favorite products are:

1. Terra Origin Healthy Plant Protein in chocolate

Melanie strives to live a plant-based lifestyle, so our plant protein fits perfectly with her day to day protein needs!

2. Terra Origin Healthy Gut Mint

Melanie just created an amazing recipe with Terra Origin Healthy Gut mint! She knows her followers experience a multitude of dietary issues and restrictions, so she tested out our product for those who experience stomach pains and sensitivities.

We hope you’re as excited to get to know Melanie as we have been. Be sure to follow along her journey with the #WhatsYourOrigin hashtag. She has many exciting activities, events, and recipes to share with you along the way, so find us on Instagram: @terraorigin!





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