Make New Year's Resolutions that Stick

Make New Year's Resolutions that Stick

It’s that time of year once more when we evaluate and take stock of where we are physically, professionally, financially, perhaps spiritually or ethically and see where or if there are changes we can make to better ourselves or our lives as a whole. This is often when we become very critical and unforgiving as we analyze our health, our bank accounts and our daily routines. We set goals for the year ahead to change our situations. Some of us overhaul our entire lives to start with a fresh slate and reinvent our stories to become the person we feel would make us happier, more successful or more desirable. We begin with a bang and as the days go by, our resolve tends to wane and by March or April, we’ve entered into the same habits we had the year before. Well that’s not going to happen this year because we’ve got some tips and resolutions that will keep you going till 2020!

Success is in the Details

We’ve all heard this before, but we still tend to make grand plans that are so far reaching we can hardly see the end. When planning the new you, focus on small changes that affect the whole. If you want to lose weight, consider one small detail at a time. Starting huge efforts that take more than hour each day or completely alter your eating habits are only adhered to as long as your willpower holds out, and then one day it doesn’t. By changing small details, one at a time, you start to form habits, change your taste buds, detox your system and reset the chemical processes in your body. Start with food as it is the largest component to overall health. Begin with something like no carbs after 2 pm or no more sugar in your coffee. When you’ve mastered that one tiny change, add another one. Don’t bring processed snacks or junk food into the house or only buy non-GMO. Each step is working to create a new story, a new way of being. If you’re dreading something, like no more fast food, then take that step even slower, no fast food on Wednesdays. Then build-up to the level you want.

Everything in Moderation

The other culprit to failed resolutions is the idea that your big plan is all or nothing. Even if you’ve decided to give up your chocolate addiction slowly, the idea of never having a bite of chocolate again is simply not realistic. For those things you truly love, work to bring awareness to them. If your favorite thing in life is ice cream, then eat it! But do so consciously, as a reward for something well done instead of a daily indulgence. By allowing yourself these treats you create a motivation for other behaviors and changes.

The idea of moderation is for all resolutions. Saving money, working more hours, going to the gym, meditation, it doesn’t matter. Things done with balance and focus are much more likely to become a successful habit than things done out of force or demand. Moderation also keeps you healthy! Your body is not meant to burn out in the gym every single day. It needs rest too. You cannot function on heavily restricted diets. No fat is a myth. No carbohydrates will drain you of energy and needed fiber. Denying yourself an entire food group or macronutrient can be detrimental to your goals. If you want to cut back or give yourself measured portions, consider a supplement. Protein powders like Terra Origin Bone Broth Collagen Protein or Vanilla Chai Plant Protein are an excellent way to cut out the bagels and bacon in the morning. If you still want the power of fruits and veggies with fewer calories, add in one of Terra Origin’s Fruit Nutrient Powders or Green Superfoods.

Tomorrow is Promised to No One

This is a common phrase that holds true no matter who you are. Making your resolutions and changes permanent before they’ve even begun can turn your endeavors into mountains! Take it all one day at a time. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow. Today, say no to that department store sale and put your money in the piggy bank. If the day seems long and your craving too intense, then break your day into segments, morning, afternoon and evening. If it’s an addiction you are fighting, then take it hour by hour or minute by minute. Routine, willpower, making and breaking habits, this is hard work, and its success is only as good as the second you are in right now.

Beware of How You Feel

Resolutions are wonderful when positive, but when they add stress, worry or depression to your life, then something is wrong. The gut has a strong connection with the mind and emotions. An unhappy gut can make for an unhappy you. When coming off of three months of rich foods and decadent celebrations, you may throw your system in a lurch by jumping into a restrictive diet. Be sure to support your digestive system and ease into high-fiber, nutrient dense foods. A simple addition would be the Terra Origin Healthy Gut formula along with plenty of water.

Be Kind to Yourself

Eternal perfection is a lie. We’re happy to break the news that no one can be absolutely perfect every day of their life. Holding on so tightly all the time can take the joy out of life’s simplicity. This means we can all give ourselves a little slack and a big dose of forgiveness. It is not blasé to think what will be, will be. The ups are made better by the downs, the wins feel bigger if we experience losing.  The truth is we do our best and that is all that we can do, and sometimes our best is to break the rules, eat the chocolate and binge watch our favorite show all weekend. Enjoy it all and welcome to 2019!




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