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World Yoga Day Stretched Our Bodies and Our Hearts

On February 22nd, 2019, Sky Ting Yoga Studio in Brooklyn celebrated World Yoga Day by hosting an event to bring together their wealth of yoga training, the latest in health and wellness and an awareness of humanity. Terra Origin was honored to attend with fifteen of our brand influencers, including the hostess Melanie Torres from @headstandsandheels! We were excited to share products, swap recipes, meet our fans and gift everyone with holistic swag bags that showed how much we care about this work!

Why celebrate yoga, you may ask? Well, we personally feel yoga embodies a practice of mindfulness and fitness that benefits more than just the body. It can also have a great impact on your stress levels, focus, attitude, patience and emotional health. Yoga is an ancient practice that has benefits we’ve yet to even discover and certainly deserves recognition. That is why yoga instructor Samira Radsi from Berlin, Germany set out to create an international day for yoga awareness. This dream of bringing yoga into the light was more than just about the physical practice. Radsi had a vision that yoga studios, teachers and practitioners would gather every year and donate a bit of their time, sweat and money to support human rights.  Just as yoga has incredible power to help the body, she saw that it could have an incredible impact on human rights violations.

The goal was simple, gather people around the world on one particular day and have them take to their yoga mats with a single intention. While in a zen state of breathing and focus, yogis everywhere would then direct their thoughts and inner care to all of those around the world who have suffered from violence, injustice or abuse of their basic human rights. Radsi envisioned that those who suffer might feel or hear about this collective movement and be fortified that others in the world are there as witnesses and support. For this reason, any amount no matter how small or large is donated to humanitarian causes.  

Your preferred yoga be it Ashtanga, Kundalini, Nidra, Hatha, Vinyasa or any other practice doesn’t matter. Each one directly benefits the body and the mind. Even if you had never step foot on a yoga mat didn’t matter! This form of movement is about connecting your body with your surroundings, turning off the mind and bringing attention to your breath. You do not need to be an athlete or even fit to begin a yoga practice. It is the movement for all people. That is why it is ideal to represent humanity.

We were very excited to walk in the studio with each influencer in simple, uniform Adidas activewear provided by the @adidasnyc team. They marched in wearing matching sports bras, tank tops and black leggings with triple white racing stripes down the sides ready to push their bodies on the mats and their minds out to the world. The event began at 4:15 in the evening and the class started shortly after running precisely one hour as each woman stretched, extended and held power poses sending their energy and love to all of those who have been wronged.

As a thank you to our influencers for their support in this project and for helping us spread the word about Terra Origin and the many products we offer, each one was given professional photos from before the event and during the yoga class, along with a Terra Origin branded yoga mat, tank tops and a gift bag containing some of our favorite wellness products from Modern OatsGutzy OrganicAllyoosEvan HealyAndalou NaturalsCoolaFrom the Ground Up Snacks, and of course Terra Origin samples and a shaker to get it all mixed up!

Once everyone had earned their sweat, we came in to cool them off with a variety of refreshments. Influencers and four lucky fans who also powered through the class were then given Terra Origin Healthy Gut, berry, mixed with coconut water and ice to rebalance electrolytes and infuse their systems with gut healing goodness. To add in some substance, they drank Green Superfoods, coffee flavored, blended with oat milk and ice and lastly to refuel the muscles, they had strawberry banana Bone Broth Protein mixed with almond milk and ice. Each drink was a huge success for flavor, consistency and provided their bodies much needed nutrients post workout!

If you would like to know more about this incredible event, head over to our Instagram @TerraOrigin and read the personal stories from individuals who attended and conquered!