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Detox Before the Holidays

The holidays can be a nutritional nightmare if you don’t take the time to prepare your body now letting you tackle that stuffing and eggnog like a pro.  It’s all about getting your system in peak form, supporting each of the different detox organs in your body and ensuring their optimal performance. It is time to show a little self-care to the five primary systems that rid the body of toxins and unwanted nutrients: the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, digestive system and your circulatory system. Take a moment to understand your body, so this year you can say yes to that second helping without the fear of what it is doing to your insides.

1. The Liver

The liver may well be the kingpin of detoxification! It purifies our blood, removes the essential vitamins and minerals to be used by the body, helps digest fats and breaks down unnecessary hormones. It is also responsible for releasing major antioxidants needed to fight cellular damage. You want to keep this guy really happy and well-nourished. While cleansing your liver, eliminate alcohol, drinks other than water or unsweetened herbal teas, sugar, saturated fats and salty foods. Focus on whole foods which are low on the glycemic index like cruciferous vegetables, oats, walnuts and lemons and limes. If you are struggling to prepare your meals, add in supplements like Terra Origin Healthy Greens and Reds Superfoods or one of the high-quality Plant Proteins. You can also supplement with dandelion and milk thistle to support recovery, eat potassium rich foods to nourish and consider a coffee enema.

2. The Kidneys

Your kidneys operate like a fine sieve removing waste from food and the breakdown of cells in the body along with up to two quarts of excess water from the blood. The kidneys also produce key hormones including renin which will help you control your blood pressure this holiday season. They will also help you indulge in a few sugary or alcoholic beverages as they protect the bladder and urinary tract along with supporting the immune system. When it comes to cleanses, the kidneys are fairly self-sufficient, but you can improve their functionality. Add in some daily herbs such as nettle, parsley and marshmallow root. Opt for fresh juices with beet, lemon and cranberry. Choose foods with a high water content like watermelon and cucumber. Lastly add in a regular dose of turmeric and ginger. These may not be your favorite spices but try Terra Origin Organic Turmeric Blend with a lovely Chai tea flavor. This may become your favorite all year long!

3. The Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system runs through your entire body much like blood vessels, only lymph vessels with lymph nodes. It carries lymph which is a clear fluid that carries white blood cells all over the body to get rid of toxins, cellular waste and unwanted particles. The lymphatic system has to be drained or it can get clogged and wreak havoc on the body. Luckily all the plunging is done by your body if you treat it right. A major proponent of lymph drainage is exercise. As you begin your cleanse add in a daily walk. The rib cage is a natural pump for the lymph system, so also add in a daily deep breathing routine. Double your suggested water intake and add a pinch of unrefined sea salt to your first glass in the morning. When it comes to diet, cut all your dairy, cut down on animal protein, limit gluten and consume citrus fruits along with fresh, organic alkaline foods. For supplements, you can support your body with potassium and organic apple cider vinegar. This is a great time to try a mono-diet cleanse for a few days.

4. The Digestive System

This is what will be doing most of the work this season as it processes all that we put in our mouths, and it’s responsible for nearly 80% of our immune system. That is a very big job! If you typically eat healthy and exercise, you may only need to boost your probiotics and invest in a good all-around digestive enzyme complex for the eating season. But if you regularly suffer from digestive disorders, gas, bloating, elimination issues, food sensitivities or intestinal pain, then it would be wise to fortify this major tract to give you more freedom over the holidays.

To start your detox, cut the high-fat, high-sugar foods from your life. Focus your meals on high-fiber fruits and vegetables. Fiber is the scrub brush of the GI tract and helps to flush your system. Broccoli, spinach, kale and asparagus are excellent sources of roughage along with assorted berries. Add in fermented foods like kefir, kombucha, kimchi and pickled vegetables to help rid your system of “bad” bacteria and increase the “good” bacteria. Water, water, water. Drinking more water helps digestion, easy elimination and it rids the body of metabolic and environmental waste. If you are tired of water, drink herbal teas like fennel, ginseng, mint and return to Terra Origin Organic Turmeric Blend.

5. The Circulatory System

Your cardiovascular circulatory system works harmoniously with your lymphatic system to remove waste from the blood, but when a vein or artery gets backed up in this system, things begin to go awry. Your heart pumps your blood all over the body to bring nutrients where they are needed and remove toxins, but when there is poor circulation, these functions are impaired and your heart is stressed. Though the health of your circulatory system is really a lifestyle, you can give it a boost with a few added nutrients and combining cardio with your strength training.

We return to nature’s number one detox defender, water. Your blood is mostly water, and it needs you to stay hydrated!  Cut your use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Follow the appropriate foods listed by the American Heart Association like salmon, tuna, oats, flax seeds, almonds, black beans, brown rice, carrots, spinach, broccoli, and many more whole foods. Add in supplements like Terra Origin Fruit Nutrient Powders and Plant Proteins. Choose low cholesterol, low sugar foods and complex carbohydrates. Be sure to moderate stress, anxiety and blood pressure through meditation and exercise. Aim for 50 minutes, five days a week of mixed cardio and strength training to safe guard your circulatory system.

Do not do any single cleanse for more than ten days as it may restrict necessary nutrients needed elsewhere in the body. To prepare for the season, try combining the circulatory and lymphatic system in one cleanse, liver and kidneys in another and the digestive system on its own. Follow each one for a full seven days, and you should enter this season clean as a whistle!