Mexican Café de Olla with Bone Broth

Mexican Café de Olla with Bone Broth

Coffee is the most popular beverage choice throughout Europe and most of the Western world. It doesn’t matter the season. We will drink it hot, cold, frozen, room temperature, blended, frothed, mixed, sweet, creamy, black, flavored, in the morning, through the afternoon and well into the night. Companies have made billions of dollars giving us caramel pumpkin lattes, sweet peppermint mochas and vanilla espresso, two pump Chai with light whip. These days we can make most of our favorite coffee drinks right in our kitchens, sometimes as easy as popping a metal pod in a machine. With all these decadent beverages being consumed and adored, we may forget about the impact of the sugar, artificial flavorings, heavy cream and processed syrups being used to give us the flavors we want.

Whether starting out your day or curling up on a cold night, it's important to pay attention to what goes into your body. That’s why we wanted to share with you a delicious coffee blend that may not have made it to your favorites list, yet. The classic Mexican Café de Olla, or Pot Coffee. This beverage has a long and colorful history that enhances its tradition. During the Mexican Revolution of 1910, a ten year civil war that ended a dictatorship and set up Mexico as a constitutional republic, soldaderas, women who travelled with the soldiers, would set up the camps, cook the food and take care of the weary and wounded men. Even then coffee was an essential part of the day, but the soldaderas needed the drink to fortify the soldiers and help to heal more than hunger and morale.

So the women added cinnamon. Cinnamon is known to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well as having long been used for insulin resistance and diabetes. Then they added piloncillo, which is cane sugar that has not been processed and still retains its molasses. In this natural form, it is filled with enzymes that aid in digestion and can relieve gastric issues. It has iron which helped combat anemia with the poor diets of war, and it strengthens the immune system, much like honey. Using their knowledge of natural healing, they created a drink that would fill the bellies of soldiers, aid in maintaining their strength and health and still give them the coffee they wanted while resting in the camps.

They would then prepare the beverage in a clay pot, or olla, that would impart its own flavor, much like cooking with a seasoned iron skillet. That is how the name café de olla came to be.  To this day clay pots sit on counter tops and in restaurants throughout Mexico filled with the thick, creamy dark brew.

We decided to take this coffee classic and amp up its health boosting properties by adding in the new Terra Origin Coffee Flavored Bone Broth powder that has been reformulated to maximize its nutritional value.  The powerful gut support of bone broth is a perfect fit with the natural enzyme complex of piloncillo, and the impact of gut health on our immune system is further supported by the cinnamon. Now your morning coffee will work all afternoon to heal your digestive tract, boost your immune health, improve the strength and mobility of your joints, bones and tissues all while restoring the health to your hair, nails and skin. That is a very powerful cup of coffee, and it tastes amazing too!

Mexican Café de Olla with the Power of Bone Broth

4 cups of water

1/3 cup of piloncillo (found in Mexican markets)

1 stick of organic Ceylon cinnamon

¼ cup of dark roasted Mexican coffee (Your preferred coffee will do, medium ground.)

2 scoops of Terra Origin 15-Serving Bone Broth Collagen Coffee Flavored


If you have a clay pot in your kitchen, then use it, but if not, any soup pot will work. Add the water, piloncillo and cinnamon stick to the pot and bring to a full boil. Stir until the piloncillo is completely dissolved. Then turn off the heat and add the ground coffee. Let it sit covered for 5 – 7 minutes. Pour through a fine mesh strainer into a carafe or pitcher and then add two scoops of the coffee Bone Broth Collage powder and whisk until fully mixed. Pour and enjoy!

You can add your favorite creamer. It is really nice with vanilla almond or soy milk.

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