Energy to Spare for the Do It All Mom

Energy to Spare for the Do It All Mom

There is no doubt that mothers have the most demanding job on the planet. You get no vacations, no days off, no sick days, no overtime or holiday pay, yet it is an incredibly rewarding life choice. If you’re going to be the “do it all” mom, your plate is more than full as you raise your children, prioritize extracurriculars, manage your home, possibly continue with a full- or part-time job and still maintain your health. As you juggle all your different responsibilities, your health may often fall to the side as you put others first, but this is the biggest mistake any busy person can make because your health is your energy, and your energy is how you get everything done!

We reached out to some very busy moms who have found ways to keep fitness in their routine, and these are the tips they had to share.

What Goes in Your Mouth


1. Do not eat what the kids eat.

It can be very tempting to finish off their plates, make one meal that everyone likes or grab the same high calorie snack. Don’t do it. If your little ones are not quite ready for a massaged kale salad and grilled salmon, then make two meals. It may be a little extra work, but it doesn’t need to be every day. Anytime you cook for yourself, make enough for the next day’s lunch and if it will keep, the day after that as well.

2. Keep it organized.

Organization and planning can be really difficult with children not yet in school, so get in the habit of structuring your day as soon as you wake up. Take a look in the fridge and plan out your meals and snacks for the day. If you have childcare or assistance during the week, you can meal prep your whole week, but if that is daunting, keep it simple. Moms have energy to spare when they take things one day at a time.

3. Snacks can make or break you.

Snacking is your body’s way of asking for more energy, so be sure to give yourself food that will keep you going. For the on the go mom, shakes and smoothies can be a quick and convenient form of nutrition, but they can also wreak havoc on your health if you don’t pay attention to the ingredients! Look for clean sources of protein like Terra Origin Healthy Plant Protein Powder and use the powerful benefits of superfoods, like Acerola Fruit Extract in Healthy Reds Superfoods and spirulina powder in Healthy Greens Superfoods.

4. Remember to hydrate.

As you run around with sippy cups and bottles, you may forget to give your body the hydration it needs to stay energized. For those days when you’re feeling a bit off, mix a little honey, raw sea salt and magnesium powder into your water to give it a dose of minerals that will rejuvenate your body and quench that deep thirst!

Finding Time for Your Body


1. Workout when you wake up.

Exercise gives you energy, keeps you in shape and healthy and prepares you to run after toddlers and teenagers, but once the house is up, your chances of squeezing it in your day decrease. Our successful workout moms all have one thing in common, they get up before everyone else and give their bodies some personal attention. If your workout is based in a gym, find one that opens very early, is 24-hours or gives keys to members. If you workout at home, set up your television to work with a Bluetooth headset and crank your video as loud as you like. Your options may be a bit limited, but there are still plenty of ways you can stay in shape.

2. Get your sleep.

When it comes to having energy to spare, sleep is one of the few things that trumps exercise. We acknowledge that mothers have a lack of sleep superpower when it comes to pushing through, but you are not invincible. Our workout moms all admitted to great difficulty and some saying it was impossible to grab their workouts with children under one year of age. Your body is undergoing massive changes pre-, during and post- birth, so allow it time to adjust as your infant learns to sleep through the night. Consider the countless hours of breastfeeding to be your daily workout as your body burns up to 500 calories a day in milk production. If getting to sleep is a challenge, look for an organic, herbal sleep aid like Terra Origin Healthy Sleep, but always check with your doctor if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

3. Keep a healthy dose of grace.

Even moms who seem to have it all together experience days that completely fall apart. That is okay! Our workout moms all had stories to share when pajamas replaced barbells and pizza took the place of broccoli. We should all approach our lives with a little flexibility and a large dose of grace, but mothers need this even more. Your day changes moment by moment as you cannot predict all that can happen in the life of your child. Do not see failures. Instead look for humor and self-compassion. The secret to letting yourself off the hook is to immediately get started once more. One day here and  there, even a rough week, will not be the end to your health and energy.

4. Channel your inner warrior.

If you really want to be the “do it all” mom and have energy at the end of your day, you will need to find a steel resolve inside and check in with your willpower each and every day. Try visualizing tomorrow each night as you drift to sleep. Don’t go down your checklist. Instead see yourself nailing your workout, enjoying your food and feeling accomplished as the day progresses. Find something that empowers you and can alleviate a little stress like a few minutes of journaling, a hot bath, a daily meditation or tapping.

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