Are You as Healthy as You Think You Are?

Are You as Healthy as You Think You Are?

Our bodies are absolutely incredible and extremely complicated machines, and most of us know only the basics about how we function and what signs we give when there might be a problem. Some things are obvious. We know when we can’t eat or breathe or if we have pain or irregular functioning of the bowels or mind. We know when we get a cold or a fever. We get our annual check-ups that make the primary list of sexual health, dental, eyes and heart which often comes with a smattering of blood tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and possibly hormones. We manage our weight, eat moderately healthy and try to fit in some exercise. We may even take a multi-vitamin. Even so, how healthy are we?

Here are five things that may not be on your health radar, but they should be!

  1. Sleep

How you sleep is a really good indicator for what’s going on in your mind, hormones and adrenal glands. If you’re an insomniac, fitful sleeper or heavily snore, it may be worth paying attention.  If your snoring is waking the house, you may want to check for sleep apnea and monitor your sleep cycles. Try using one of the many sleep apps or sleep tracking settings on your fitness watch or your phone to give you a general look at your sleep/wake cycles. There are two ways your body triggers sleep patterns, circadian rhythm and homeostasis. Circadian rhythm can be affected by hormone changes, and homeostasis by medicines or medical conditions, certain foods and most importantly stress. If your body stays in the fight or flight response, you’re not going to get the deep REM sleep needed to heal and repair. To understand a bit more about sleep cycles and your health check out “The Power of Beauty Sleep.” To get a better night’s rest, try Terra Origin’s Healthy Sleep supplement, turn off electronics a couple hours before bed and consider speaking to your primary care physician if your inability to get into deep sleep continues.

  1. Fatigue

Chronic daily exhaustion is a very common sign of a health condition. It can certainly be carried over from not getting enough deep sleep, making it an important indicator for the quality of sleep you get each night. It is also a prime factor in stress and anxiety meaning you’re always in fight or flight mode, and your body is staying in a constant state of tension. This can cause inflammation, weakened immune responses and a whole host of other problems. Fatigue is also the body’s way of saying something is off, and if sleep isn’t the issue, it may be a hormonal imbalance from the thyroid or adrenal glands. Try to limit caffeine, stress and stimulants as much as possible and take up holistic practices to slow the body and mind. Check out Terra Origin’s Healthy Inner Balance and more tips in “The Benefits of Meditation and Healthy Inner Balance.”

  1. Weight Distribution

Though we do our best to be fit and trim, some of us still carry those extra pounds, but where we carry them can say a lot about our health. You’ve heard different body types compared to apples or pears before, meaning some people are round in the middle while others are more hour-glass shaped and carry their weight in the hips and thighs. Those who carry their weight around their abdomen have more fatty tissues around their organs. This can make a difference in your risk of coronary heart disease and Type II diabetes.

  1. Elimination

What comes out of you may not be your favorite topic to discuss, but it can tell you a lot about your current health. When it comes to elimination, you want to note frequency, ease or discomfort, color and with bowel movements, shape and size. Urination is most common 6 – 8 times a day or up to 10 times, but highly depends on how much fluids you drink, which are diuretics like coffee or alcohol and whether you take any medications that may affect your urine. It should always be easy and pain free, and most importantly, it should be nearly clear. The darker your urine, the more the body is dehydrated, and water is essential to your body and health! As for your bowels, they should move at least once a day and ideally after every meal. Every time you eat, healthy digestion activates the gastro-colic reflex which works to eliminate toxins and waste from the body. The longer your bowels hold on to this waste, the more of it that can seep through the digestive linings and into the blood stream. Constipation, especially chronic, can cause numerous diseases from over-toxifying the body. As for shape, color and size, you can refer to the Bristol stool scale. Be sure to eat plenty of fiber and add things like Terra Origin’s Green Superfoods Powders to your daily diet.

  1. Skin

Your skin is the largest and most exposed organ on your body, and it has a lot to say! Sudden changes in your skin tone, texture or comfort can be warning signs for what’s happening on the inside. If you constantly find yourself scratching, you may have allergies or a skin condition like eczema, or it can be a warning sign for an unhealthy liver. If your lips are always dry and tend to crack at the corners, you may be dehydrated or be lacking in vitamin B12 which affects nerves, cells, DNA and helps to prevent anemia. If you find yourself in constant break outs, acne or rashes, your skin may be warning you of food allergies or product sensitivities or an overactive nervous system. If your skin begins to dry out for no reason, it can indicate type II diabetes or an underactive thyroid. It could also just need a good moisturizer. It’s important to take care of your skin so you can read it’s signals clearly. Consider a regime with a moisturizing cleanser, daily cream and supplements like any of Terra Origin’s Skin Boost products.

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