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Healthy Brain

Healthy Brain


For A Healthy Mind and Sharp Memory.

Our Brain supplement contains brain-healthy nutrients that are supported by modern research. See improved memory and improved motor function with CDP Choline, and promote recall and brain circulation with Bacopa herb and Ginkgo leaf extract. Healthy Brain also contains ingredients to help nerves communicate with your body, ensuring that your best days are ahead of you. As always, our products reflect our high standards- we do not add in empty fillers or confusing preservatives.

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  • Promotes Healthy Memory Function
  • Enhances Nerve-Body Connection
  • Raise Brain Circulation

CDP Choline 41.25 mg

  • Helps to form acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine for healthy memory function*

Bacopa Herb Extract 150 mg

  • Promotes healthy memory, improves delayed recall and occasional, age-related forgetfulness*

L-Tyrosine 150 mg

  • Restores cognitive resources used to increase the updating and maintenance of memory*

Velvet Bean Seed Extract 100 mg

  • Increases dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain used for coordination, learning and moods*

Ginkgo Leaf Extract 60 mg

  • Increases cognitive function and decreases neuronal damage*

Huperzine A 50 mg

  • Protects against Dementia, Alzheimer’s and improves mental function*
  • CDP Choline is naturally formed in the body from the nutrient choline. Its importance to the central nervous system is that it helps to form acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine, two compounds in the body that are necessary for healthy memory function.*
  • Bacopa monnieri is an herb used since antiquity in the traditional Ayurvedic medical system of India for its cognitive enhancing effects. Extensive research has demonstrated that Bacopa helps promote a healthy memory, helps improve some measures of delayed recall, and may help improve occasional, age-related absentmindedness.*

In the world of nutraceuticals, brain health takes a leading role and for good reason. That’s we have specially formulated a supplement to combine the very best plant extracts and amino acids to boost mental performance, safeguard against neurological damage, reduce the risks for degenerative mental illness, improve cognitive functioning including better memory, faster understanding and balanced mood processing. These pills may not teach you physics, but they will give your brain what it needs to learn faster, retain the information easier and recall it when you need it, making you more capable of genius.


Whether a college student, a busy individual or only concerned about mental health, these supplements offer everyone improved mental functioning which improves life. The herb Bacopa has been shown to speed up delayed recall, helping you remember things faster when you need them, and combat forgetfulness as you age. L-Tyrosine can be made in the body if it has plenty of phenylalanine, but when it comes to how quickly you can learn, memorize and stay alert while under stress, it’s best not to leave this one up to diet alone.


We included velvet bean extract for its ability to increase dopamine levels. Dopamine increases physical coordination by speeding up the brain’s reactions. It also facilitates learning and helps to balance out emotions such as depression, stress and anxiety. The Gingko leaf, while well known for stimulating the mind, also decreases inflammation of the brain. This along with Huperzine A, an alkaloid naturally derived from Chinese Club Moss, protects the brain from severe toxins and oxidative damage helping to prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 



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